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Ukrainian Literature in translation


   Intelligence and composure are the roots;

     Humility and conscientiousness the stem.

   Honesty and stable promises are the branches;

     Gratitude and altruistic endeavor the leaves.

   Devotion and generosity are the flowers;

     Happiness and illustriousness the ripened fruit.


                  The Great Mipham Rinpoche


Poem by Oleksandr Irvanets

           "З міста, що ракетами розтрощене..."

Literary and Historical Sources for Understanding Ukraine:

A Recommended Reading List by Michael Naydan

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The Holy Infant

     Thomas Parry


All This Divide

     Jory Mickelson


Scivias Choreomaniae

     Lake Angela








































     Steve Katz


Casting a Spell in Spring:

Selected Poems of Alexander Xaver Gwerder

   trans. Marc Vincenz


Blood to Purify the World

     Amy Bobeda