Intelligence and composure are the roots ...


The Curvature Of An Absence
Jorge Armenteros

ISBN ​​​​​978-1-959556-95-4       264 pages         $22.00

On Jorge Armenteros        

Bravo for the hands that write such musical sentences. Bravo for the imagination that dares to show us what a novel can do. Bravo for this new book by Jorge Armenteros.           
   Peter Grandbois        

As Armenteros writes in one of The Spiral of Words’ many fine passages, “That is the danger; a book may be bolder than yourself and reveal what you refuse to accept.”           
   Laird Hunt        

Armenteros compels us to hear our own roar of the river and follow the course. He is one of our most innovative, introspective and brilliant writers.           
   American Book Review        

Armenteros evokes the dreamscapes and desires of Marquez, Joyce, and Ballard while asserting his own distinctive voice.           
   D. Harlan Wilson

Jorge Armenteros was born in Cuba, his family leaving for Madrid, Spain, then Tampa, Florida, before finally settling in Puerto Rico. After graduating cum laude from Harvard University, he acquired an MD at the University of Puerto Rico, an MA in Spanish and Latin American Literature at New York University, and an MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University. Armenteros is the author of the 2015 International Latino Book Award winner The Book of I (Jaded Ibis Press), and The Striped Tunic Trilogy (Spuyten Duyvil Press). Armenteros resides in the South of France.