Intelligence and composure are the roots ...


Under the Big Span of Small Regards
Jamey Jones

ISBN ​​​978-1-959556-98-5      172 pages        $20.00

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What a bounty to have Jamey Jones’ first seven chapbooks, with original covers and illustrations, collected together in one volume! Here is a poet’s passage of song, where an opera of living comes at us full-throated as it unfolds. In this gulf coast panhandle mid America reality, dreamscapes wash over us, flies think, numbers blow backwards, fish swim in a freeway ravine, and Anselm Hollo famously notes, “Poetry can be so many more things than what people mostly believe it is.”
   —Maureen Owen

Jamey Jones invites us into a world of dream, of drowsy Pensacola, of a lifetime lived and loved, resplendent with words, his and ours, residing in brown.
   —Joel Dailey

Jamey Jones lives in Pensacola, FL and is the author of several chapbooks, including Twelve Windows (brown boke, 2009), In The Key of Clothespin (Fell Swoop, 2021), and the full-length books Blue Rain Morning (Farfalla, McMillan and Parrish, 2011) and morning coffee from the other side (West Florida Literary Federation, 2021). His work has been published in various journals such as Zen Monster, Fell Swoop, Mundane Egg, The Brooklyn Rail, and Brooklyn Paramount. He is the editor of Rachael Pongetti’s Uncovering The Layers: The Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Project (crazy. silly. okay. 2016), and the faculty editor of Hurricane Review, the national literary journal of Pensacola State College, where he teaches English, Literature, and Poetry. From 2014 to 2020 he served as the Northwest Florida Poet Laureate.