American Sadhu

Patrick Pfister


ISBN  978-1-956005-02-8            288 pages                 $18.00


Eric is a fraud as a sadhu. He has none of the appropriate credentials: no religion, no wisdom.  His meditations are self-absorbed, nihilistic musings on the failures of both his aspirations and achievements. And yet, might the memory of those holy men and their path of world renunciation be the key out of his existential void? American Sadhu is a novel about the crisis of meaning in contemporary America. But it is also about the limits of individualism and the way both destiny and redemption emerge from interconnectivity.  Pfister at his best.

       David Nel.lo, Premi Sant Jordi Novelist


American Sadhu is a holy pilgrimage through a failed life. It’s a sacred and dangerous walkabout through an often profane landscape. The novel is a troubled path of healing.

       Terry Wooten, Michigan Notable Book Award Poet

Patrick Pfister is the author of the novel North Beach Hotel and the short story collection Far from Home, both also from Spuyten Duyvil. A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee for Fiction, he is also the author of two books of travel literature: Pilgrimage: Tales from the Open Road and Over Sand & Sea, as well as a book of poetry, El Camino & Other Travel Poems. He is the director of two documentary films: The Stone Circle and Poetry, New York. He lives in Barcelona, Spain.