Angelina's Bottom

Kristian Himmelstrup

translated from the Danish by Nina Sokol


ISBN 978-1-963908-05-3        338 pages          $22.00
















A young Danish associate professor travels to the United States to teach at a Texas University. He is to teach Danish at its Germanic institute, where most of the work is otherwise about German and especially the Second World War.

   An entertaining, intelligent and hilarious novel about the university world; about hierarchies and envy; about guarding research results and guarding each other; about a world where you would think there would be exciting and inspiring conversations during lunch break what with all the smart and well-read people gathered together in one place. Instead, people slander each other, try to make strategic alliances and will do almost anything to advance their own careers, possibly even murder...

  Himmelstrup’s “American parable” is a contemporary novel about the United States after 2001, after terror made its way into the country via accepted and unaccepted, some would say mysterious, scenarios. Angelina’s Bottom begs the question: Is America in need of heroes, or are they already in good supply?




Kristian Himmelstrup ( has an M.A. from both The University of Washington and The University of Copenhagen and has taught language, cultural studies and creative writing at universities in Denmark and the US. He made his debut in 2004 with the novel Last Tango of the Dinosaur and has since published further two novels and a collection of short stories along with several books on literature and cultural studies.