Bird on the Wing

Juana Culhane

Cover painting by Panama Campbell


ISBN 978-1-933132-90-7          $16.00   198 pages

“As Vivian continued in a trance, the scene changed abruptly. She saw herself fallen on the bathroom floor. She was unconscious, sprawled out in a pool of blood, her womb and ovaries eaten from within by raggedy lumps of cells. There was a rush to a hospital, immediate surgery. In time, who knows how long, she was sent home but with no medicine, no care. Her body and mind went into a turmoil—so much had changed in her organs, her glands, the working of the flow of her blood. She became disoriented, depressed. She began to feel deserted, helpless. She wandered around the neighborhood looking for her pet jaguars, her crocodiles, her jungle leaves and vines.”


Bird on the Wing: Travels of the Self contains fifteen stories of exotic characters in exotic situations. They are presented in a style woven from both reality and the surreal. These stories seek to unravel the mystery of human interconnections in the presence of illness, death and love.