Book of Grudges

Dan Libman


ISBN 978-1-959556-40-4         264 pages           $20.00


At turns philosophical, funny, and profane, Book of Grudges recounts life on a family farm just after the death of the farmer: a year “not especially well lived.”

Libman writes like no one else. He’s fast, he’s frank, he’s clear, he’s often hilarious.

     Stephen Dixon


Dan Libman is equally dexterous rendering a fictional work in realism or fabulism, and likewise adroit in blurring the two seamlessly together.

     Cris Mazza


Keeps the reader hooked with tones that vary from dark to light.



A talented new voice in contemporary fiction.

     Publisher’s Weekly


Libman played dumb for the jokes and then forgot he was pretending. But it was okay. He didn’t mind being underestimated by the people around him. It made his life a lot easier.

     Blue Montakhab

Dan Libman is the author of the short story collection Married But Looking. He is a past winner of a Pushcart Prize and a Paris Review Discovery Prize (now called the Plimpton Prize.) His fiction and essays have been widely published and anthologized, and he is a regular on-air contributor to WNIJ, Northern Public Radio. Libman lives on a family farm in Illinois with his wife, the writer Molly McNett, their two kids, three cats, a dog, and dozens of chickens.