Bright Yellow Buzz

Lee Slonimsky


ISBN 978-1-956005-62-2           116 pages          $16.00


Lee Slonimsky is at times strikingly Yeatsian, as in his “need for colloquy to make thoughts whole” (“The Athens Academy”)…Indeed, as the poet nears seventy, there seems more and more urgency and elegy in reaching to reconcile the diversities, even paradoxes, among loss, longing, natural beauty and being, mathematics, logic, and creation. Such reconciliation is reflected, even celebrated, in the collection’s title, taken from “The Neurasthenic Oak Tree,” posing not only bees as harbingers of nature’s spring, but natural order itself as the work of a “fragranter,” a “flowerer,” anchored in primes.  (This is reinforced by the collection’s dedication, “For The Mathematical Abilities of Bees”).  And if a tense irony may be read in the reconciliation, it is, in part, because


                                   when fresh wind stirs

             the raindrops’ perfect circles elongate;

             distort; in ways he cannot calculate

                                    (“Challenge of the Wind”).


     Slonimsky’s poetic achievement in Bright Yellow Buzz is more than technique, more than memory, though master technique and master memory are everywhere in this work: it is nothing less than “spirit’s truth”; nothing less than transport: his landscape is written as though pen touched on bough. The artist-poet weathers in the work, in nature’s unknowable…”


Robert C. Basner, M.D.,

Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Columbia University,

and author of the forthcoming poetry collection Ancient, Autumnal

Lee Slonimsky has published ten collections of poetry. His third book, Pythagoras in Love, has been translated into French by the poet Elizabeth J. Coleman, and is currently being translated into modern Greek by the poet Stamatis Polenakis. With his wife, Hammett and Mary Higgins Clark Award winning novelist Carol Goodman, Lee has co-authored the Black Swan Rising trilogy. Lee is also a hedge fund manager who invests on behalf of the welfare and humane treatment of animals.