Brane Mozetic

Translated from the Slovene by Ana Jelnikar

ISBN 0-923389-66-0       $10.00    54 pages


Mozetic's verses here have caught the ephemeral nature of daily

passion--troubled desires pinned down, collected--the wings

of such specimens trembling under the poet's breathless breath.

                                                  Timothy Liu


Spare and delicate, these verses mingle sadness and desire, rendering

a remarkably dark and luminous book.

                                                  Nicole Brossard

Born in Ljubljana, Brane Mozetic has published twelve volumes of poetry, two novels, and a short story collection. He has translated numerous authors from the French including Rimbaud, Genet, Foucault, Guibert, Dustan, Cliff, and Brossard. His books in English include Butterflies (Spuyten Duyvil) and Passion (Talisman House) and the forthcoming novel Lost Story (Talisman House). In English his poems have appeared in Poetry International, Talisman, Transcript, Verse, Prague Literary Revue, Chroma, and elsewhere.