Ceremony of the Unknown

Richard Martin


ISBN  978-1-949966-78-7       128 pages        $15.00


A fugue, a bouquet, a squall, a ballet of lexical pirouettes … how to describe these unique swirls of dizzying virtuosity? These new poems are oracular lenses peering into the soul’s inscrutable dimensions, laughing, musing, mourning, dazzling … a kaleidoscope beamed through a prism to focus on unseeable beauty. Richard Martin is a one of-a-kind visionary, transcribing existence into highly-charged, sophisticated ode/codas. He is a model of his motto: “Be in the paradigm-shifting business.”

     Jeffrey Cyphers Wright


Marvelous and funhouse magnificent, Martin’s realm of pure poetry playground emanates E!-magination and the magic of a magical adventure in  poem matter. The poet juxtaposes, surprises, quicks and spins, wit humors, smarts with a bounty, and contorts phrases to present what defines the mind of a poet making and basking in the baking of poetry.

      Michael Basinski