Consulting With The Swifts

New and Selected Poems 1982-2016

Lee Slonimsky


ISBN 978-1-944682-15-6       $15.00        256 pages

ISBN 978-1-944682-28-6       $25.00

Roots & Branches Series



The best poems here, and they are many, all reclaim a moment from the clamor of the world; and each such poem in turn presents the attentive reader with a like moment of refuge… Like Monet with his haystacks or cathedrals, Slonimsky achieves repetition and variation without monotony. …The poems invite us to focus, to triangulate, to seek out correspondences.  Writing these poems helped Slonimsky to do these things; reading them helps us.

     Rachel Hadas, author of Questions in the Vestibule, from the Preface


A consummate poet. These remarkable poems, many the observations and musings of Slonimsky’s alter ego, Pythagoras, constitute a memorable contribution to contemporary poetry. The three decades of poems in this volume approach “the calculus/by which light spawns geometry” and marvel at “How intricate,/hawk theorems for ellipses, scythe-eyed soar/a geometric text.” Slonimsky is a keen observer of the natural world; his Pythagoras posits multiple lives: “ I’ve had five lives all told, none what they seem—/as gnat, bat, toad, Pythagoras...” This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the intersection of science and poetry.

     Miriam Kotzin, editor of Per Contra and author of The Body’s Bride


His work strikes me as unique in current American poetry.

     X. J. Kennedy, author of In a Prominent Bar in Secaucus (on Pythagoras in Love)


The sonnet turns out to be the perfect—maybe even the Platonic—for Lee Slonimsky’s Pythagorean meditations. (They) serve as an entrance into the philosopher’s mind, as if we are thinking and discovering along with him—the world before us always new and marvelous, changeless and changing.

     A. E. Stallings, author of Olives: Poems (on Pythagoras in Love)


A book with new pleasures on every page. The fluidity of imagination, all of the natural world becoming parts of the pattern discerned, the language lending grace and clarity to the vision…

     Daniel Hoffman, author of Makes You Stop and Think (on Logician of the Wind)


A born naturalist gifted with urban insights, verse assembled from careful observation and remarkable emotional investment.

     Ernest Hilbert, author of Caligulan (on Wandering Electron)


If they are about any one thing, these poems are about a type of salvation, man not only returning to nature but remembering he is, in fact, part of nature.

     Katherine Hastings, author of

            Shakespeare and Stein Walk Into a Bar  (on Wandering Electron)


A scientist-poet, a mathematician-poet, a conjurer poet.

     Elizabeth J. Coleman, author of

            The Fifth Generation (on Red-Tailed Hawk on Wall Street)

Lee Slonimsky’s poems have appeared in such journals as Angle, Best of Asheville Poetry Review, The Carolina Quarterly’s “Emerging American Poets” issue, Connecticut Review, The Hiram Poetry Review, Measure, Mudfish, National Forum, the New York Times, North Dakota Quarterly, and Poetry Daily.  Nominated for a Pushcart Prize seven times, his work has also appeared in novels by Lee Carroll, Hammett Prize winning novelist Carol Goodman, and Lauren Lipton. Six full length books and one bilingual edition, (translation into French by Elizabeth J. Coleman) have been published by SRLR Press of Austin TX, Orchises Press of Alexandria VA, Spuyten Duyvil Press of New York City, and Folded Word Press of Meredith, NH. Moonshine Cove Publishing of Abbeville, SC brought out Lee’s detective novel Bermuda Gold in 2015.


Lee’s monthly writing workshop in New York City is called “Walking with the Sonnet.”  He is also the literary executor for the estate of the late poet and critic Daniel Hoffman, Poet Laureate of the United States under its predecessor title Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1973-74. Lee is the manager of NYC based long/short technology hedge fund Ocean Partners LP, and of its humane/vegan side pocket, Green Hills Partners LP.