Cris Mazza, one of the originators of the term chick-lit before it meant urban-girls-looking-for-love, is a novelist and memoirist with 20 published books. Her titles include, most recently, a novel, Yet to Come, a story of marital angst in California’s Imperial County; and Something Wrong With Her, a real-time memoir. Mazza’s first novel How to Leave a Country won the PEN/Nelson Algren Award for book-length fiction. She is also author of the critically acclaimed Is It Sexual Harassment Yet? Mazza is a native of Southern California and is a professor in and director of the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Various Men Who Knew Us As Girls

ISBN 978-1-959556-86-2

360 pages        $20.00


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It's No Puzzle

a memoir in artifact

ISBN 978-1-956005-65-3

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New and Selected Stories

ISBN 978-1-956005-43-1

320 pages          $20.00