C. C. Hannett


ISBN  978-1-949966-44-2       136 pages        $20.00


“A lot I got used to reading in the same way a die hard art lover might comb for meaning from abstract expressionism. This is a maximalist overdrive collection! Like listening to some kind of metal or at least power metal.”

            Russell Jaffe, Poetry Onceler at Course Hero



“...really wild, really out there, it's like science slime-core, it's cool...”

            Brian Alan Ellis, Sad Laughter



“Hannett has arranged an incredible collection of poetry and prose here. It's hard for me to not see him as some phantom sneaking down to his underground lair to play sad organ music in the style of Björk, empty pizza boxes scattered everywhere. This collection is the lovechild of Samuel Beckett and 808s and Heartbreak era Kanye West. You could try to dismiss the mad scientist experimentation of this manuscript, but you'd be met at each accusation by clear intention and true vulnerability as the poet shakes through all of the realities he's dealing with and all of the holes he continues to climb out of, or at least make a bed within. This book is a dream, a dadaist rock opera that has reopened me to asking yet again what can be done with poetry, and what has it yet to be?”

             Brice Maiurro,

author of Stupid Flowers & Hero Victim Villain



“C. C. Hannett is a sadboi wizard who will fuck up your day or your life & make you feel like you took too many drugs & not the right kind but you still believe in love after it all. This collection is a story of the falling apart—raw & real & mundanely apocalyptic. DAMMIT HOLE will wreck you & make you wanna do sizzurp. He makes me wanna die, but, like, in a good way.”

              Leza Cantoral,

author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest & Trash Panda

C. C. Hannett / kmwgh loves cheesesteaks and Madonna GIFs. He is the author of I Gave This Dream to a Color, Triune, SAGA ctrl, and DMMTHL (Spuyten Duyvil) + chapbooks w/ Shotgun Wedding and Horse Less Press. He is the event organizer for Quake: EVT Lit Walk and D’DL. The founder & editor of @rlysrslit, a press focused on publishing digital ephemera and unconventional literary objects. Interviewed by Entropy Mag, his work has been placed with Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Softblow, DREGINALD, Gramma, Juked, South Broadway Ghost Society, FIVE:2:ONE, The Operating System, Dream Pop, etc. You can find him somewhere in Everett, WA (presence elsewhere).