Drops of Rain  /  Drops of Wine

Patrick James Dunagan


ISBN  978-1-941550-99-1     $15.00        114 pages



     a world

              yet beyond

    awaits hearing


knocks the page



                   to hand


                            an answer


there is no



nothing’s forgotten

      . . .      forgiven

      . . .      left


only movement lasts

Patrick James Dunagan lives in San Francisco and works at Gleeson Library for the University of San Francisco. A graduate of the Poetics program from the now-defunct New College of California he’s currently helping to edit an anthology of critical writings by Poetics program alumni and faculty. He also edited and wrote the introduction for poet Owen Hill's A Walk Among the Bogus (Lavender Ink). His essays and book reviews appear frequently with a wide number of both online and print publications. His most recent books include: “There are people who think that painters shouldn't talk”: A Gustonbook (Post Apollo), Das Gedichtete (Ugly Duckling), and from Book of Kings (Bird and Beckett Books).