Epiphany Weather

Ann Tracy


ISBN 978-1-959556-19-0         266 pages           $20.00


"It may or may not be true that we live each event twice, once as tragedy and once again as farce, but it's certainly true in literature, and in Ann Tracy’s  stunningly and aptly titled Winter Hunger the Windigo motif, such a force of horror and of spiritual dismay in it’s previously studied versions, is used by the author for subversive and often hilarious purposes.”

     Margaret Atwood on Winter Hunger


“Ann Tracy’s gothic tale, written in crisp sardonic prose, at once emphasizes and subverts the increasing horror at the heart of the frozen wilderness.”

     from the British edition of Winter Hunger

Ann Tracy, born in rural Maine early in 1941, reports that like other War Babies she has never been quite able to shake the conviction that if you don't buy a thing when you see it, it'll be gone when you turn around. This is perhaps pertinent as well to memories and writing. She grew up in the pleasantly intense world of the rural coed boarding school of which her father was head and at which her mother sometimes taught Latin. A brother, later, grew to be an anthropologist and collector. Ann, who loved it all, after graduate school taught and wrote at SUNY Plattsburgh.