Fair Winds and Following Seas

Dave Kelly


ISBN 978-1-952419-13-3        144 pages        $15.00


Dave Kelly’s poems are rendered in a plain American vernacular with a cool precise edge, refreshingly gruff and unsentimental. Kelly keeps a close eye on the vagaries of daily life, while often being sharply comically at odds with it—daily life with its inanities and provocations, its cruelties and possible hints of grace.

    James Haug, author of Riverain


Kelly is a master poet and storyteller; his poems offer intrepid readers a boxer’s tempo prior to a knockout punch. Kelly is the best and necessary kind of poetic voice—incandescent, powerful, genuine, and brilliantly funny. The poems land.

    Richard Martin, author of Goosebumps of Antimatter


Dave Kelly's deadpan humor gives me a tumor. Clearly, he's the Babe Ruth of Poetry, still able to hit more than one outta here!

    Joel Dailey, author of My Psychic Dogs My Life


Kelly’s wry, sardonic humor, his sharp insights into America, and his keen, unflinching honesty force us to face our common humanity and our failings.

    Gerald McCarthy, author of Door in the Wall