Flue's Fund

acknowledged: recognitions move up (inside)

t thilleman


ISBN 978-1-941550-36-6    $20.00        54 pages

What the figure allows is an aggregate of follow-through, basic understandings any subjective or objectified phrase carries, within the narrative. It is the locus of psyche in one individual as well as what we know psyche in its other more fantastically imaginative self is: the figure of all humanity.

                                                                                                       tt, from the intro

The bright and densely hued drawings, reminiscent of Mark Rothko, convey this omniscient sense of creation and movement. Humanity’s great abstractions, time, creation, and ego, intersect and interact in thilleman’s abstract representations. In each drawing, an identifiable vein of color and movement runs through the center of the page and fans upward. This vein is the flue, the passage of “heat and smoke” that represents thilleman’s allegory of how “Now” becomes “(k)Now”. If meaning is meant to be found, it will find the viewer. thilleman’s book might best be understood as something beautiful to look at and ponder.

     Toad Suck Review (Callie Tahat)

t thilleman is the author of, most recently, Sevlesmeht and the Birds (book 6 of the longpoem Anatomical Sketches) to which Flue’s Fund is the companion book of drawings. Ongoing and online, tt blogs posts drawings collaborations and writings at conchwoman.com