Force Nihil (Tara's Tear)

t thilleman


ISBN  979-8370070-37-2      166 pages      $16.00

thilleman’s poems are playful and intellectual—a mirror of all the synapses, misfirings and disconnects that take place during the process of juggling two or three or more thoughts in the air at one time. It would be easy to say he is simply the latest offspring of a modernist/post-modernist tradition that began with Stein and Pound and continued up through Olson and Duncan, a tradition that encouraged getting lost as the way to discovering the hidden meaning of anything but Thilleman’s modus operandi is impossible to pin down, a surviving force amid the endless detritus and debris of the past who happens to be alive at this peculiar all-or-nothing moment.

     Lewis Warsh


t thilleman is the author of Three Markations To Ward Her Figure; the novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen; Blasted Tower; The Special Body; and the longpoem work-in-progress Anatomical Sketches.