Rich Blevins

with an afterword by Peter Kidd

Cover photo, Mexican prostitutes on Cinco de Mayo,

by Heriberto Rodriguez

ISBN 978-0-9661242-9-3       $16.00        268 pages



"If Impressionism ends the apprenticeship of painting, ends the oral story from each teacher preparing the painter for his fate in his schooling, forcing each painter to confront and build a world picture on his or her own . . . has the lack of being fabled, as was the tradition for poets, worked so well in our American culture? There was a time when the playwright apprenticed as a poet before writing plays. Tolstoy’s plays are a stitch, to me far more satisfying than his prose. So, funny, a little known fact. I suggest from my hallowed imagination, could it be that Moses became Socrates, then St. James, before he was Tolstoy?"

                       Peter Kidd, from the Afterword


Rich Blevins writes the longpoem in the tradition of Pound, H.D, and Duncan. He followed George Butterick as the editor of the Charles Olson/Robert Creeley correspondence. He is an emeritus professor of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.