Gnostic Frequencies

Patrick Pritchett


ISBN  978-1-933132-98-3         $16.00        162 pages


Patrick Pritchett’s Gnostic Frequencies boldly and brilliantly takes up the Romantic quest to make an infinite Book. Just as Pritchett’s previous volume Burn offered a visionary revision of the Joan of Arc legend, here the poet ‘rewrites the myth’ of the Archive as a self-renewing ruin of absolute meaning, ‘a scripting of / impossible flowers.’ In musical measures, Pritchett aligns ancient paradoxes of the inspirited Word with post-postmodern meditations on the virtual body. This new book stands as a major contribution to the tradition of American radical lyricism.

                     Andrew Joron

Patrick Pritchett is the author of Burn, Lives of the Poets, Antiphonal, and Salt, My Love. He serves on the advisory editorial board of Journal of Modern Literature and is a Lecturer in the History and Literature Program at Harvard University and Visiting Lecturer in Poetry at Amherst College.