He Knows What A Stick Is

Russell Brickey


ISBN 978-0-923389-75-8       $15.00        80 pages


 A solar wind behind the coin of the moon.

The corona now gray in its curtain over the sky.

When I step down from the height of the car to the gravel lot

My tinsel wings take the light and make it wink,

Catch the eye of a crow who opens the door of his giant car

For the other crows to see and says,


“Hey! Kid, kid. Are you a fairy?”

They all laugh, not too loud

In case anyone hears them.

Russell Brickey has a BA from the University of Oregon, and an MFA and PhD from Purdue University. His poetry can be seen in a number of places. He misses the beaches and mountains in Oregon and the green-dry summers of Idaho.