I Am Grandma

Mikael Josephsen

translated from the Danish by Nina Sokol


ISBN 978-1-956005-63-9        68 pages          $16.00


Abuse and recovery, a life on the edge surrounded by four walls ... and Grandma, who donned her wig at an angle, picked up a case of beer in the shed while Grandpa (ahem) ...

       .....I Am Grandma is the second of Josephsen’s poetic trilogy, in which Knæk/Break, is the first. Here the poet is admitted to an isolated psychiatric ward, and it is “sad and quiet and insane all at the same time,” as one sole review did make note of.

Mikael Josephsen has a special eye for the nature of addiction and writes especially well about society's forgotten and the mentally ill. He has received a Danish Fiction Writers Honorary Award. Most recently, Josephsen has completed his autobiographical abuse trilogy, the poetry collections Break, I Am Grandma, and An Idiot’s Jubilation.