i, john de conqueror

a new spelling of my name

John Gavin White


ISBN 978-1-952419-15-7          122 pages           $16.00


I, John de Conqueror, is a powerful reflection of the chaos Black maleness entails; how this place is experienced by his body and in one’s soul. The poetry speaks to Black men and boys without hesitation, while the prose articulates what previously was thought to be ineffable. Meanings found not merely by words, but the shared absence of voice burdening Black males. This is a powerful collection of writing that succeeds in communicating to the world the existential force of the Black man’s soul and thoughts but dares to use the experience of being a Black male to hold the world at ransom. I, John De Conqueror, is a much needed examination of how the word, the pen, and the body when possessed by Black men can be used to illuminate the horrors of racism and whiteness, and the tribulations of humanity’s loss. This is a book well worth the intellectual and spiritual journey each page takes the reader through.


   Dr. Tommy J. Curry

   Professor of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh,

   Personal Chair of Africana Philosophy and Black Male Studies,

   and Author of The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of    Black Manhood


John Gavin White is a poet, essayist, educator and, most importantly, a father from Vauxhall,  N.J. With dual degrees in Philosophy & Women and Gender Studies, White's research is centered in "the poetic of black male self-recovery in the U.S." White has been featured several times on the world famous Apollo amateur night along with having performed or lectured at a number of universities in the U.S. and abroad, ranging from University of Minnesota to Queen University Belfast in Ireland, to the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. This is his first collection of poems.