If Beauty Has To Hide

Dave Brennan


ISBN 978-1-944682-95-8       110 pages        $15.00

As someone who has long been fascinated by space and line-break in prose, I greatly admire the remarkable music and architecture of Dave Brennan's compositions. He writes beautifully and vividly, and there are scenes in this book that I will never forget. Brennan is an exciting and important new writer!

             Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will


Dave Brennan pressure treats language, syntax, grammar, content into a layered labyrinthine quilted fabric of strata. One doesn’t so much as read as one peels, strips, skins the text—a sonic archaeology, a narrative dig.

             Michael Martone


Brennan is alive to the glories of surfeit, but also aware of our irritable need to catalog and categorize. As we read we are whisked past all manner of visions, from which sparks of music and wit burst at every turn.

            Joel Brouwer


[...] opened my eyes to this notion that had been hiding in my head, that a lot of the music we vaguely hear about (and which may seem utterly inaccessible), it just might be amazing if given a chance.

             DJ Glad Rappa


Dave Brennan is the author of Murder Ballads: Exhuming the Body Buried Beneath Wordworth’s Lyrical Ballads (Punctum Books), the poetry collection The White Visitation (BlazeVox) and the chapbook The Family Flamboyant (Brickhouse Books), winner of the Stonewall Chapbook Competition. His poems and essays have appeared in BOAAT, Timber, PANK, Coldfront and elsewhere. He teaches at James Madison University.