In Delacroix's Garden

Basil King and Yuko Otomo


ISBN 978-1-956005-99-8       46 pages         $25.00



Eugène Delacroix


6 rue de Fürstemberg




“My lodgings are indeed charming…

The view from my small garden and the cheerfulness

of my studio always gives me pleasure.”


“I like my studio; I work well there.”

E. Delacroix

Donald Martineaux

Yuko Otomo, a visual artist and a bilingual writer of Japanese origin. She writes poetry, haiku, art criticism, travelogues, essays, and keeps a journal. Her latest publication is Anonymous Landscape (Lithic Press).  She lives in New York City.

Basil King, born in London, England in 1935, has been painting for over seven decades and writing since 1985. He does both in Brooklyn where he has lived since 1969, publishing poetry collections and chapbooks and completing several thousand works of visual art.