Born in 1933 in Ohio, John Clarke always insisted he was from Winesburg. A William Blake scholar, he taught at the State University of New York at Buffalo for 29 years. He co-edited of The Niagara Frontier Review and The Magazine of Further Studies, and edited intent. a newsletter of talk, thinking, and document. He was Director of The Institute of Further Studies and, with Albert Glover, general editor of A Curriculum of the Soul. His books include From Feathers to Iron: A Concourse of World Poetics and several books of poetry including Fathar III, Gloucester Sonnets, The End of This Side, and In the Analogy.

Tramping the Bulrushes

ISBN 978-1-944682-86-6

288 pages      $16.00


A Curriculum Of The Soul

Volume One & Volume Two

edited by John Clarke and Albert Glover

ISBN 978-1-944682-17-0

$20.00        440 pages

ISBN 978-1-944682-16-3

$20.00        456 pages