Keystone Standstill

Kennewick Man: the shifting baseline syndrome

Book Eight Anatomical Sketches

t thilleman


ISBN 978-1-944682-10-1         $10.00        80 pages

Book One: Onönyxa & Therseyn

Anatomical Sketches is a stunning display of visionary daring, formal virtuosity, and intrepid intellect engaged in a process of world discovery, where discovery is understood as an act of imagination and articulation. The two teachers who come to mind in relation to Thilleman’s extensive work are Blake and Yeats. Like them he creates and populates a world of dynamic forms that range from emerging humans, to vast interstellar formations, to mythological forces, to the details of genetic exfoliation. At the heart of his committed pursuit, is the question, “What is this child of the world / Gathering sense within his wave-like singing?” This book is unique in a world of contemporary poetry dominated by precious lyrics and “avant-garde” word dumps. It takes up poetry’s ancient responsibility to preserve the world by informing it. What an extraordinary accomplishment.

     Michael Boughn, editor, The H.D. Book and author, City: a poem from the end of the world


Book Two: Sketches Tzitzimime

Book Three: Cephalonical Sketches

Book Four: Sketches in Norse and Forra

Book Five: Juevos!

Book Six: Sevlesmeht & the Birds

Book Seven: Pebble Sketches

t thilleman is the author of Three Sea Monsters (Our History of Whose Image) in which journal entries and poetic sequences investigate the legacy of Pound’s redactions to Fenollosa’s original manuscript version of The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry; Onönyxa & Therseyn (opening for an extended work, Anatomical Sketches, of which Keystone Standstill is the eighth book); Snailhorn (fragments), a 360 poem cycle utilizing vedic transitions in celestial to allegorical articulation; and a novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen. His literary essay/memoir, Blasted Tower, was issued by Shakespeare & Co./Toad Suck in 2013. The Special Body, a second work of literary comment is available from Rain Mountain Press. Aura Lifetime (volume one), a selection of his poetry, is forthcoming. tt’s pastel drawings and readings are archived at