Leakage & Smoke

Richard Martin

artwork t thilleman


ISBN 978-1-959556-28-2          160 pages           $25.00


Richard Martin’s recent books from Spuyten Duyvil are Chapter & Verse, Ceremony of the Unknown, Goosebumps of Antimatter, and Techniques in the Neighborhood of Sleep. He is the author of a series of four chapbooks from Igneus Press: Hard Labor, Cosmic Sandbox, Sighting Icarus and Hobo Return. Individual poems from his books have been translated into Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian. Martin is a past recipient of a NEA Fellowship for Poetry, founder of the Big Horror Poetry Series in Binghamton, New York (1983-1996), and a retired Boston Public Schools principal. He lives in Boston with his family.


t thilleman is the author of Three Markations To Ward Her Figure; the novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen; Blasted Tower; The Special Body; and the longpoem work-in-progress Anatomical Sketches.