Selected Essays

Suzanne Brøgger

Translated from the Danish by Michael Favala Goldman


ISBN 978-1-952419-09-6  pbk.          326 pages           $20.00

ISBN 978-1-952419-10-2  hdc.                                       $35.00

Liberated collects essays on personal         development and reads as a philosophical

   supplement to the autobiographical

           three volume novel Creme Fraiche,

                     Ja, and Transparency.



A great introduction to Suzanne Brøgger's writing.

     Berlingske Tidende


Her tone and exhibitionist delight at the eminently imaginative and sensual mastery of language are present from the first to the last page.

    The policy

"How rare an ear and an eye are, when they suddenly get used for something other than to see what one has already seen, and to hear what one has already heard. An ear and an eye from the naked zero point, an eye which has seen nothing and an ear which has heard nothing, but which sees and hears everything for the first time. Just that, to use an eye and an ear from scratch, not to mention having two of each, could easily take an entire life."


                                    from “The Cosmic Temptation”