Lit Windows

Rowland Saifi


ISBN  978-1-941550-77-9      $15.00        158 pages

With an elegance that is itself a kind of understanding, Saifi’s prose delineates a sharp path of words that leads out into a concourse of startling beauty.

      Jesse Ball, author of A Cure for Suicide


Lit Windows rolls uneasily forward, like a car keeping pace with someone walking. Our task, as readers, is to keep our eyes on the road ahead and the mark beside us at once. Full of absurd minutiae and oblique horror, Saifi delivers us assuredly to a destination we’ve never been before.

      Jac Jemc, author of A Different Bed Every Time


Rowland Saifi is a writer of unquestionable talent whose Lit Windows inspires readers to unearth their own covetous desires as the intimate secrets in his prose are revealed on every page.

      Joseph Cooper, author of Porlock

Rowland Saifi grew up in Brazil and Arkansas before attending Naropa University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is also the author of the novellas The Minotaur’s Daughter and Karner Blue Estates. His work has appeared in Fact-Simile, Marginalia, Bombay Gin, Livestock Review, Newfound Journal, and Kneejerk Magazine. He is the co-founder of Pinball Editions and teaches creative writing and literature in Chicago.