Little Book of Days

Nona Caspers


ISBN 978-1-933132-69-3     $12.00      104 pages


Nona Caspers’ Little Book of Days accretes like a pearl, layer upon layer, around her evocation of experience through language. The perfect beauty of her record of daily living will call out to you, and make you want to write back, to cohabit the form she has so radiantly informed. Seize the day—Nona Caspers has, and transformed it into music.

     Cooley Windsor


Nona Caspers gives us a refreshingly honest and poignant slice of truth in her Book of Days. Observing cars, neighbors, ground squirrels, desire and death, Book of Days is a contemporary take on Montaigne’s famous

Essays, so alive that every page feels as if it’s breathing.

     Maxine Chernoff



I like how she falls through the present into prehistory (of this or that specific thing) in a blink. Supported by a rhythm of the claws of love, a hand on the back of your head, the warmth inside of coldness of the daily fading world—an avalanche of quiet risk-taking, this book sings.

     Eileen Myles


Nona Caspers lives in San Francisco with her partner, little dog Edgar, and cat Marie. She is an Associate Professor in the Creative Writing Program at San Francisco State

University. Her book of stories Heavier Than Air (University of Massachusetts Press) won the Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction and was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice. Her stories have been published in journals and anthologies such as the Iowa Review, Ontario Review, Cimarron Review, Voyages Out 2 (Seal Press), Women on Women (Plume), and the Hers series (Faber and Faber). Her work has been honored with a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Iowa Review Fiction Award, Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Grant and Award, Barbara Deming Memorial Grant and Award and LAMBDA nomination. Little Book of Days started as a project to track her days, which she did for four hundred days.  She teaches an MFA Dailiness course at San Francisco State University.