Martin Nakell is the author of 18 books—fiction & poetry; the winner of numerous grants & awards (NEA, Gertrude Stein, Fine Arts Work Center, et alia.); he has read from his work and presented his multi-media productions nationally and internationally; he is on the National Board of &NOW. Nakell earned a Doctor of Arts degree at SUNY Albany, and now teaches at Chapman University in Orange, California and is Affiliate Professor at Haifa University, Haifa, Israel. He has developed and written about two theories of literary (& art) composition: Chaos Theory and Radical Communion, both of which envision the creative act as a special form of communication of the whole. He lives in the village of Orange [the Democratic 46th Congressional District of the finally liberalizing and growingly aware Orange County] with his wife, the novelist Rebecca Goodman.


images by t thilleman

ISBN  978-1-952419-62-1

156 pages           $30.00


saltearth airstone waterbody

ISBN 978-1-949966-61-9

192 pages        $16.00


A History of Zero & Alter Fictions

ISBN 978-1-947980-68-6

320 pages        $18.00



ISBN 978-1-941550-31-1

$16.00        234 pages

The Desert Poems of Southern California

ISBN 978-1941550-34-2

$10.00        86 pages

Tautological Eye

ISBN   978-1-933132-93-8

$15.00        142 pages


cover art by Walter Markham

ISBN  1-933132-02-7

$10.00     98 pages


ISBN 978-1-933132-10-5