Tom La Farge

book two of The Enchantments


ISBN 978-1-941550-73-1     $16.00        252 pages

“…Critics have called Pynchon’s Lot 49 a parody of postmodernism rather than a seminal text. But The Broken House [Book One of The Enchantments] is more than a parody of fantasy (or steampunk or the postmodern)…. For the events in this novel, like the best parodies, are wholly realistic, despite their supernatural trappings. And in these we may not see the loss of innocence, the genesis of a new civilization, or even a kind of tragedy of greatness misspent. La Farge instead constructs a new kind of fable with a lesson that at first seems as enigmatic as a mirage in the desert. Consider the natural phenomena that go into a mirage, though, and the moral of the story might be that much clearer.”

        American Book Review


The Moroccan landscape, physical and cultural, impressed itself so strongly on Tom's imagination that it has remained his principal “world” in recent compositions, the libretto Talking While Shaving, and the novel, The Broken House as well as a memoir, Chameleomancy. Tom La Farge is the author of Zuntig (Green Integer) and other novels and runs the Writhing Society, along with Wendy Walker, at Proteus Gowanus Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. His website is: