No Balloons

Robert Zola Christensen

Translated from the Danish by Nina Sokol


ISBN 978-1-949966-48-0        156 pages           $16.00

Relevant and vivid...Robert Zola Christensen writes brilliantly.”


No Balloons takes place at a university in the politically correct country of Sweden where everything looks very nice and respectable. At least on the surface. At the Institute for Languages and Literature at Lund University, the Danish professor finds himself struggling with Swedish mentality. He is a man in the prime of his life, yet still everything seems to be falling apart. His problems begin when he has intercourse with a Russian student in the Muslim prayer room at the University. Apparently you're not supposed to do that. But can you really prevent a frog from being green?

Robert Zola Christensen Ph.D., has written more than 30 books in both non-fiction and fiction (novels, crime fiction, children books). His works have been translated into several languages, including German, French, Serbian, Russian and Swedish. His latest novel, No Balloons (2017), explores the different lifestyles in Scandinavia, political correctness and the role of man today. Originally from Denmark, Robert Zola Christensen is currently an Associate Professor at Lund University in Sweden.





Nina Sokol is a poet and translator in the midst of translating novels, short stories. plays and  poems by Danish writers. She was a grant poet-in-residence at The Vermont Studio Center in 2011. She has received several grants from the Danish Art’s Council to translate plays, including a play written by the fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen which was published by the journal “InTranslation.” She has also translated an excerpt from one of the winning novels of last year›s EU Prize for Literature (Danish, 2016) as well as translated such authors Niviaq Korneliussen and Bjørn Rasmussen. Her own poems have appeared in American journals, including Miller’s Pond and the Hiram Poetry Review and a collection was published by Lapwing Publications in Belfast, Ireland (2015).