Noch Ein at the Stein

Tim Shaner


ISBN 978-1-956005-29-5               210 pages               $18.00


Here’s why I LOVE this book to death: I’m here at the Stein and I’m not a regular but I’ve somehow managed to snag myself a stool at the bar and there’s this middle-aged guy, this character, this quintessential loafer, this self-mocking “poet (brewer)” musing, pontificating, philosophizing, conversing with his shoulder buddies. And I’m just following the conversation as it meanders from the communist horizon to hippycrits to books and neoliberalism and art and zebrafish and death and taxes and what men want and women, too, and all that jazz (he loves jazz). And he’s playing with words, he’s definitely got his buzz on. He’s dropping names like loose change and there’s a wild cast of characters sometimes here in the bar—Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassidy, William Burroughs, Liz Taylor, George Harrison…—and he’s telling stories, making things up, making excuses, making things meta. Seriously, this book is wickedly funny… and damn, it’s serious. So I’m still here at the bar at the Stein and I can’t leave yet, I’m always wanting just another wee one, one more Shaner, Noch Ein at the Stein.

   —Karen McPherson, author of Skein of Light

and co-editor of Women’s Lives in Contemporary French

and Francophone Literature



At the Stein almost every soul can become a shoulder-buddy. Brush shoulders then, be pertinent. Belong. Bring your best remembered books, dances, jams. Bring conundrums and pesky syllogisms. Bring loves renewed or dreamed or left at the subway platform. Make note. Bring your hope-with-disillusion. Whether wizened or supple, the Stein servers-and-preservers, all sharpen the wort of Shaner’s human moment like the bold hops for which Northwest ales are known. Our summers grow hotter. So have a gulp. Listen, and counter. Some drink to remember, Tim Shaner is one of that sum.

   —Tim Whitsel, author of We Say Ourselves and Wishmeal



In Noch Ein at the Stein, Tim Shaner captures the essential elements of why the Stein is my favorite bar in America. The beer community, the stories, the very human social contact & interaction, and, above all, the celebration of beer—I have experienced all these and more at "the Stein," even meeting a poet of note. Noch Ein is a must read for all those who love bar life and life itself.  It is even more poignant during these Covid times when that sense of "Communitas" has been taken away.

   —Hal Hermanson,

   KLCC Brewfest Operations/Brewer's

   Lounge, Underwriting, & fellow “Steinian”


Tim Shaner is the author of Picture X (Airlie Press, 2014). He received a Ph.D. from SUNY-Buffalo’s Poetics Program in 2005. His work has appeared in The Poetic Labor Project, Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, Colorado Review, The Claudius App, Jacket, P-Queue, Kiosk, Shampoo, Ambit, The Rialto and elsewhere. With Kristen Gallagher, he curated the Rust Talks series on poetics in Buffalo and edited Wig: A Journal of Poetry and Work, and he published, with Jonathan Skinner, the pamphlet Farming the Words: Talking with Robert Grenier (Field Books, 2009). Currently, he is a coordinator of the Windfall Reading Series at the Eugene Public Library. He teaches writing at Lane Community College.