Notes of a Nude Model & other pieces

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling

Introduction by Edward Field


ISBN 1-881471-85-3  $10.00    104 pages


Part beat memoir, part third person fiction, Harriet Sohmers Zwerling recalls her life on the edge surrounded by writers and artists of the 50's & 60's.


Harriet Zwerling has a truly distinctive voice: erotic, resonant, and funny. Hers is a tall achievement indeed.

     Mary V. Dearborn, author of Mailer: a biography


She is a word alchemist capable of turning the dross of loss and disappointment into the shining gold of stories that you will never forget. This is a book that you must own and will cherish forever.

     Tsaurah Litzky, author of Baby on the Water


As a writer Harriet hungers for veracity and weaves words into deftly created tapestries of her own life.

     William Ward


These are riveting stories by a writer with a keen eye and compassionate heart.

     Henry Van Dyke


Read this—she’s one of the last great Beats.

     Elaine Edelman, author of Boom-de-Boom

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling is a Manhattanite, born and raised.  Attended NYU for her first two years of college, then Black Mountain , then Berkeley. Dropped out and in 1950 arrived in Paris with $200, hoping to stay for a couple of months. Instead, she remained in Europe for nine years, involved in liaisons with both men and women, working at the International Herald Tribune and doing freelance translating for a living. New Story magazine published three of her pieces, next to work by James Baldwin, Alison Lurie and other established writers.


Returned to the States in 1959, and got involved with the Beat scene in New York and Provincetown. Her work was published in Swank magazine, and the anthology. The Bold New Women issued by Fawcett.  She also edited, with Bill Ward, the important literary mag, Provincetown Review.