Own Church

Ted Greenwald


ISBN  978-1-941550-66-3      $12.00        66 pages

On almost any page the writing will go from the molecular to the expansive without missing a beat. Language always percussive, repetitious, fierce, and funny. Greenwald's work ignores all the speed limits.

                                             Terence Winch


John Giorno used to write poems that were repeated sentences, broken up into different lengths, but he wasn’t experimenting with the transformations of individual phrases and conceptual relationships the way Greenwald does. Ron Silliman works with/through repeated phrases in a similar way, but his separations are much wider and meant to queue thought rather than, as with Greenwald, the mental jingles which are toyed with, with such obsessive, curious, precious determination.

                                              Curtis Faville

Ted Greenwald was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and has always lived in New York City. He is the author of over thirty books, including Licorice Chronicles (The Kulchur Foundation, 1979), Word of Mouth (Sun & Moon Press, 1986), Jumping the Line (Roof Books, 1999), In Your Dreams (BlazeVOX [books], 2008), 3 (Cuneiform Press, 2008), Clearview/LIE (United Artists, 2011), Common Sense (L Publications, 1979; Wesleyan University Press, 2016), and The Age of Reasons (Wesleyan University Press, 2016).