Prepositions & Other Fictions

Joe Napora


ISBN  978-1-952419-70-6          170 pages           $25.00


Several years ago I first read from Joe Napora’s 1917. I’ve been haunted by the date ever since, have sought to know that history, what our historians don’t want us to know (The US was never the land of the free!) Joe Napora is a consummate poet in his bringing that time to now. This is the true task of poetry.

     Sharon Doubiago


Napora puts elements of history and the poet’s vision together in terrifying and catalyzing pages. This is not academic, this is healthy revolution.

     Will Inman


Joe Napora writes with a passion unfelt by most North American poets and a power rarely heard in political poetry. 1917 is a vision of America at the crossroads between liberation and repression.

     Eric Leif Davin (The Mill Hunk Herald)


Your poems and prose not only bring back in a startling way that crucial moment of our history—World war I, the IWW, the liberal terror of Wilson, they inspire us with the little acts of protest, the ‘small sentences’ of obscure and heroic people. I hope this piece of writing gets circulated all over the country, especially to school teachers and school children of the new generation.

     Howard Zinn


As a woman I salute these poems by a brother Man that enters the body of compassion, the nourishment of love. No existentialism, objectivity, alienation, no death at a distance. I am moved and given hope that our death is truly mourned, that we have a lover and advocate. I love these songs of tenderness and anger and sorrow

     Meridel Le Sueur


These poems are strong and full of heart. The words come up out of the page like corn breaking the hard earth, defiant and filled with life and believing in the rain that will one day fall again…These poems deserve to be remembered. They are a real accomplishment.

     Joe Bruchac, Greenfield Review




In the early 90s, Joe Napora edited and published BullHead: a Journal of New Poetry, and now publishes BullHead Books, very limited editions of handmade books. He has been writing poetry for nearly fifty years; he has been kayaking whitewater rivers for nearly 30. He wishes that he had started paddling 20 years earlier.