P r i e s t / e s s

                                 j/j hastain

Priest/ess 1-3

ISBN 978-1-944682-27-9

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Priest/ess 5-8

ISBN 978-1-949966-73-2

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Priest/ess 9-11

ISBN 978-1-949966-75-6

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Priest/ess 15-17

ISBN 978-1-949966-84-8

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Priest/ess 12-14

ISBN 978-1-949966-82-4

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Priest/ess 18-20

ISBN 978-1-949966-85-5

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Priest/ess 21-23

ISBN 978-1-949966-86-2

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Priest/ess 24-26

ISBN 978-1-956005-71-4

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Priest/ess 27-30

ISBN  978-1-956005-72-1

$40.00/hdc         420 pages


“The first age/experience is Black—the essential darkness of knowledge, wherein we are all within the womb of The Goddess. This age is typified by initiatory rights within caves, temples and underground cells– the experience of the ‘sun shining at midnight’ is sought. The state of darkness is not evil, rather it is the darkness of innate knowing, the divine darkness of apophatic spirituality.”

                                                               —Caitlín Matthews

                                                                  Sophia Goddess of Wisdom:

                                                                  the divine feminine from black goddess to world-soul

Of the many founding myths of nation states there was one, in the history of Western literature, that hung around and influenced subsequent eras: Merlin as archetype to mystery, magic and source figure for the rule of heroism.


Out of this archetypal weaving to create a patriarchal state, where the familiar story of Arthur and his sword-in-the-stone is known to many still, j/j hastain extracts a timeless Priestess for all human culture. Spelled with the double entendre forward slash / — here then enters Priest/ess.


Ariosto in his Orlando Furioso fashioned an epic to center around Merlin as source-code for the founding of his renaissance time; so hastain here picks up on Merlin’s underworld “librarian” Melissa, re-modernizing the heroic tale.


Melissa, or melissae, honeyed and supple incarnation in connectivity to a literal bee-hive, buzzes through these pages as a study peopled with re-invigorated feminine/masculine divinity, a circle of colors all hued to Sophia, wisdom’s goddess still held within unheard depths of Christos and puck alike.


Priest/ess is hastain’s epic of transitional consciousness—an over-arching poetics that spans a variety of means to forward trans formation.


Obvious themes within any social frame are brought to a shape-shifted ecstatic healing—from cast-out normative body register to flaccid spiritualism.


Populated with the usual archetypes of epic human consciousness—male/female, mother/father, light/dark—the Priest/ess books convey us to a hidden history of transparent magics. A collection of notes, songs, poems and diaristic entries sourced from near and far mythologies, move narration into a transcendental and uncategorizable masterwork surprising on all levels.

In a mythic time when typical Patriarchal threads were making their way through Arthurian interpretations—the sword being planted by God/dess impetus—into the stone—created in psyche a reality in which she was soul progenitor of the phallus.


No more arguing about who had the "biggest one”—she progressed the conversation from sole (who has one and why) to soul (phallic aptitude  proven by tactile feeling). Gradients in intimacy alongside light.


Proved her interest by locking cock into the more masculine or northern aspects of Earth (stone). Locking phallic potential into stone long enough she promoted in “man”—the stilled place (portal) where valors of unusual or apocalyptic Christ light could maneuver true divine masculinity close upon the topmost layers of The Below...there was no more arguing.


Cock could be saved from the direction Patriarchy had taken it. But her ideas of how that salvation happened were unique.


Merlin’s secret secretary melissa (The Melissae a conglomerate face of The Black Goddess with bee cream in her pronoun)—opens to the overall walkabout at hand—and participates by endowing access to The Below—wherein it might be possible for the journeyer to find hidden lights of mystical and mythic cock able to be perceived— under the stone in which the sword sits atop all.


Black of God/dess Below—meets gold of unforeseen valor—results in consciousness of green (Merlin alive and well). And that says nothing of the numinous notes of blue that are a critical intimacy in the long arc of the work. There is so much. Then there is more. Then there is more to come."


a Memoir of The Ulterior

preface by t thilleman

ISBN 978-1-941550-10-6

$10.00        190 pages


Priest/ess 3

Poethics of Merge

ISBN 978-1-941550-84-7

$15.00        300 pages


Priest/ess 2

Asymptotic Utopia

ISBN 978-1-941550-83-0

$15.00        420 pages


Priest/ess 4

Trans(S)ophia as Touch

ISBN 978-1-944682-29-3

500 pages        $16.00

Priest/ess 5

Oracular Mage

ISBN 978-1-947980-07-5

144 pages     $15.00

Priest/ess 6

To Weave With Water

ISBN 978-1-947980-08-2

100 pages      $15.00

Priest/ess 7


ISBN 978-1-947980-10-5

246 pages      $15.00

Priest/ess 8

Omni-Gendered Catalyst

ISBN 978-1-947980-17-4

220 pages      $15.00

Priest/ess 9

Initialize Isis

ISBN 978-1-947980-32-7

154 pages       $15.00


Priest/ess 10

Karma Consumer

ISBN 978-1-947980-33-4

126 pages      $15.00

Priest/ess 11


ISBN 978-1-947980-34-1

146 oages      $15.00

Priest/ess 12

Priest/ess of Road Kill

ISBN 978-1-947980-35-8

222 pages       $15.00

Priest/ess 13

Ceremonial Cymatics

ISBN 978-1-952419-83-6

264 pages     $15.00


Priest/ess 14


ISBN 978-1-952419-84-3

200 pages      $15.00



Priest/ess 15

Kenosis and Plerosis

ISBN 978-1-952419-85-0

186 pages     $15.00



Priest/ess 16

Light’s Law

ISBN 978-1-952419-86-7

148 pages        $15.00


Priest/ess 17

Arayot Alchemies

ISBN 978-1-952419-87-4

136 pages        $15.00


Priest/ess 18

Lilith the Leviathan Luxury

ISBN 978-1-952419-88-1

238 pages      $15.00



Priest/ess 19

Chakra Boner

ISBN 978-1-952419-89-8

208 pages     $15.00


Priest/ess 21


ISBN 978-1-952419-36-2

236 pages     $18.00

Priest/ess 20

Quantum Queer

ISBN 978-1-952419-91-1

200 pages        $15.00

Priest/ess 22

Inverse Figs

ISBN 978-1-949966-12-1

314 pages      $15.00


Priest/ess 23

God is SHIM

ISBN 978-1-949966-59-6

316 pages     $15.00


Priest/ess 24

Panoply Cock

ISBN 978-1-949966-96-1

244 pages      $15.00


Priest/ess 25

Cosmic Lesbian

ISBN 978-1-952419-11-9

168 pages       $15.00

Priest/ess 26

Interoception Coach Merkabah

ISBN 978-1-956005-23-3

168 pages     $15.00

Priest/ess 27

Benevolent Breviloquent

ISBN 978-1-952419-39-3

172 pages     $15.00


Priest/ess 29

The Two DMs

ISBN 978-1-956005-22-6

220 pages      $15.00


Priest/ess 30

Energy Entheogens

ISBN 978-1-956005-21-9

240 pages      $15.00


Priest/ess 28

Pubic Ubiquity

ISBN 978-1-952419-45-4

130 pages     $15.00