Priest/ess by j/j hastain

a Memoir of The Ulterior

preface by t thilleman

ISBN 978-1-941550-10-6

$10.00        190 pages

Roots & Branches Series

j/j hastain is a collaborator, writer

and maker of things. j/j performs

ceremonial gore. Chasing and

courting the animate and potentially

enlivening decay that exists between

seer and singer, j/j, simply, hopes to make

the God/dess of stone moan and nod deeply through  waxing and waning seasons of the moon.


j/j hastain is also the inventor of The Mystical Sentence Projects and  author of several cross-genre books including the trans-genre book libertine monk (Scrambler Press),

Apophallation Sketches (MadHat Press),

Luci: a Forbidden Soteriology (Black Radish Books), Non-Novels and Sapphopunk (Spuyten Duyvil) and The Xyr Trilogy: a Metaphysical Romance of Experimental Realisms. j/j’s writing

has most recently appeared in Caketrain, Trickhouse, The Collagist, Housefire,

Bombay Gin, Aufgabe and Tarpaulin Sky.


Priest/ess 2 by j/j hastain

Asymptotic Utopia

(Dirt Swirls in the Square Soul)

ISBN 978-1-941550-83-0

$15.00        420 pages

Roots & Branches Series

Priest/ess 3 by j/j hastain

Poethics of Merge

The Variable Pleasures of the Feminine Divine

(The More You Listen to me the More Eloquent

and Articulate I Become)

ISBN 978-1-941550-84-7

$15.00        300 pages

Roots & Branches Series

Priest/ess work is God/dess-centered work and comes

 out of an a-historical position.

   The work is place, position,

     demeanor, opinion, path, etc.

        How else could


           and trans-world


            take place

           by way of it?


      work is a

  marvel in


Priest/ess 1-3

j/j hastain

                                   which we

                            can all share,

                       a site wherein

                 sentiment is never an

             outdated reality

          but an unconditional

      and profoundly



Priest/ess 1-3

Casebound Deluxe Edition

ISBN 978-1-944682-27-9

526 pages

Roots & Branches Series