Root-Cellar to Riverine

T Thilleman


ISBN 978-0-923389-80-2    $12.00       68 pages

This is a companion poem to Egghead to Underhoof:

It's a quirky little book – a single long poem in something like 60 12-line, very small-format pages. Thilleman has a music all his own, sometimes lyrical, sometimes dissonant; pretty consistently surprising. I'll admit "root-cellar" always sets me thinking of WCW's "cat" poem – you know, the one with the jam-closet & so forth. But Root-Cellar is very un-Williamsesque: more an assertion – nay, a demonstration – that ruminative, considerative poetry is still possible. You've got to admire Thilleman's ability to leap from the jars in the cellar to the meaning of life; and it doesn't at all hurt that the poem to my ear's shot thru with echoes of Briggflatts.

                       Mark Scroggins, Culture Industry

T Thilleman is the author of numerous poetry collections and the novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen. From 1991-1999 he was an editor at Poetry New York: a journal of poetry & translation.