Saga Ctrl

(a sequel to Triune)

C. C. Hannett


ISBN 978-1-947980-84-6      104 pages        $15.00

In the 21st century, our multitudes are not contained; they’re unhinged—avatars spiraling out through digital space. SAGA ctrl travels fluidly between digital and literal worlds, rendering our own in the Late Capitalist-present just another alien landscape to examine. Hannett’s work feels palpably narrative, but the language is so lushly lyric at times that it begs to be read aloud. The same acerbic humor threads throughout the universe of this book, even more so than Triune before it. Like a stiff drink, SAGA ctrl goes down easy and sometimes it makes you feel good and sometimes it leaves you dizzy. This discomfort speaks to its power, as Hannett continues to examine the substance of perception, alternately elevating the banal to the mythic and then dropping gods off at strip malls. The biblical blurs into the trivial, the confessional blurs into the surreal, sobriety blurs into intoxication.

   — Chelsea Kurnick


SAGA ctrl is a sequel and a series of series. C. C. Hannett's collection runs the gamut, gaunlet, and amuck. It's all over all the places a reader of speculative but also sentimental poetry wants to be. It's a God in progress and a Rorschach test. It's "Enough to soak in ... to emote ... location to a human crushing satellite and pull it through the float and fall."

   — Kenning JP García


C. C. Hannett’s Saga ctrl is a sinewy beast of book, built from poems that rather than explore, drive stakes through themes ranging from the neontology and felt experience of imagined Super NES characters, “I am compelled to save you because it saves us all”, to the dissociative properties of metaphysics, “To aspire toward a greater quality of now”, consumeristic nostalgia, “A belief or principle / has kept me away / from the old cassette tape / in the desert”, and intoxication “I went to my familiar place again is all I can say”. There are answers in Saga ctrl to questions no one knows, questions usually answered only by a lifetime’s use of secret drugs and sigils. What Hannett offers us here is no less powerful but exponentially more entertaining.

   — Adam Tedesco




C. C. Hannett is the author of Triune + I Gave This Dream to a Color (Spuyten Duyvil) & co-author of Uroboros 3 (w/  Shane Guthrie).  In a past-life he curated hybrid/cross-genre literary events and published chapbooks with both Shotgun Wedding and Horse Less Press. Current work has been placed with Softblow, Gimmick, Punch Drunk, and Nada. He lives with his best friend and three animals somewhere in the PNW.