Sentence, Forest

Lindsey Warren


ISBN 978-1-952419-82-9     112 pages        $16.00


It’s really about the motions of the mind and the limitlessness of the inner self and the growth of that human, thinking voice inside the poems. They’re real poems. They can’t be paraphrased. Warren has a great facility with language and she’s unafraid to push language where it might take her.

     Sean Singer, author of Discography and Today in the Taxi


Sentence, Forest affirms my belief that Lindsey Warren has walked into the darkness of being alive and come out with a candle for everyone. It is a collection of poetry that so vividly makes the blurry, smudgy, faceless moments of life astonishingly—sometimes painfully—clear. Hurry. Walk into the forest where the brave poet Warren lives. Her book might just save the person you are when you are dreaming!

     Shane Kowalski, author of Dog Understander and How I Solve How I Feel


An astronaut into an inner-space, Warren plumbs deep into those unexamined corners of our longings, losses and isolation to discover truths beautiful and surreal, comforting and unnerving.

     Paul K. Tunis, Co-Founder of Ink Brick: The Journal of Comics Poetry


Images in Lindsey Warren’s poems are not stable entities, but rather, are like ornate props on a stage in an empty theater, threaded to a faceless Orphic mass behind the curtain; a production that, in the fashion of grief, ecstasy, and paranoia, makes startling connections—across time, from “a body under some snow” to the blue of its surface, from dust to saints, man to deer, from the dead to the living. I carry so many visibilities, Warren writes – like a medium—and I am grateful for what this luminous work makes visible.

     Marty Cain, author of Kids of the Black Hole





Lindsey Warren is a poet and collage artist born and raised in Delaware. A recent graduate from Cornell University's MFA program, she has been published in various journals. Her poetry books Unfinished Child, Archangel & the Overlooked are available from Spuyten Duyvil. Lindsey is the co-host of the poetry podcast Alternaverse. She lives in Delaware with her corgi.