Sharon Doubiago is the author of eleven collections of award-winning poetry, including the recent Naked to the Earth.  Psyche Drives the Coast won the Oregon Book Award for Poetry. She’s a recipient of three Pushcart Prizes, two Oregon Literary Arts Fellowships, and is a National Book Award nominee. She’s written four book-length poems, Hard Country, South America Mi Hija, The Husband Arcane   The Arcane of O and The Visit. Her four award-winning memoirs are The Book of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes, El Nino, My Father’s Love, Vols 1 &2. My Beard is memoir in the form of individual stories rather than the on-going narrative of traditional memoir. She lives in North Beach, San Francisco.

Apocalypse Contemporary

A Sequence-By-Sequence Overview On

Sharon Doubiago’s Naked to the Earth

Doren Robbins

ISBN  978-1-949966-57-2

130 pages       $16.00

My Beard

Memoir Stories

ISBN 978-1-944682-91-0

256 pages        $18.00