Some Cares

Benjamin Friedlander


ISBN 978-1-959556-68-8      100 pages        $17.00


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Benjamin Friedlander's first book in twelve years, Some Cares, is also his most autobiographical. Moving deftly from crude fact to abstract condition, the poems document a difficult decade of eldercare and mourning, of aging, unease, and fragmented knowledge. Of light and dark in alternation, seasonal rhythm, currents of feeling.



“The way his work ‘folds’ sounds together isn’t at all comfortable. Instead it bristles against itself, badgers and cuts against itself—exposes itself—in a way that is completely unheroic and totally admirable.”

     —Chris Alexander


“Is melancholy good? I think Ben Friedlander has the moodiest ear for it in the field, and wit to match. Where he takes this immodest gift is to a tangled interstice where idiom intersects with the body's fault lines. Uncannily the reader has almost had these thoughts. The attraction feels sideways, vertiginous.”

     —Lisa Robertson


“The poems continually entice construal but present tonal and semantic conundrums that fatigue the decoding intelligence, pushing the reader close to unframed sound.... The recalcitrance of these poems is brilliant.”

     —Bob Perelman


“A kind of twisting cascade composed of sayings you almost recognize, but now they've changed, turned into something else, and they will keep turning, thrillingly, as the world does. Can you keep up?”

     —Rae Armantrout


“Benjamin Friedlander speaks with a survivor’s humor and ungainsayable clarity of what we had thought to forget.”

     —Robert Creeley

Benjamin Friedlander is a poet, scholar, and editor. His poetry collections include A Knot Is Not a Tangle (Krupskaya, 2000), The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes (Subpress, 2007), Citizen Cain (Salt, 2011), and One Hundred Etudes (Edge, 2012). As a scholar he has published numerous articles and the book Simulcast: Four Experiments in Criticism (University of Alabama, 2004). He is the editor of Larry Eigner’s criticism (Roof, 1989), Charles Olson’s Collected Prose (with Donald Allen; University of California, 1997), Robert Creeley’s Selected Poems (California, 2008), and Nice: The Collected Poems of David Melnick (with Alison Fraser, Jeffrey Jullich, and Ron Silliman; Nightboat, 2023). Currently, he teaches American literature and poetics at the University of Maine, where he edits the scholarly journal Paideuma.