Spectres: Some Women

Robert Buckeye


ISBN  978-1-952419-60-7        116 pages           $16.00


Buckeye has known the unreality of reality for a very long time, the incoming fire and the deaths that did not matter no matter that they mattered.

   Ken Snyder


Robert Buckeye’s work—whether he deals with intimate or far-flung geography—has an edge to it, an incisive lyric toughness that’s very much his own. The voice has pace, rhythm, force.

   Nicholas Delbanco


At the center of Buckeye’s clear, direct prose is moral memory. All his life, from Cleveland to Bratislava, he has been measuring the material world from the body out.  It is this rare combination of moral memory and materialism that makes Buckeye’s writing so compelling.

   Kenneth Warren

Robert Buckeye is author of five works of fiction about Puerto Rico (Pressure Drop), the Kent State shootings (Still Lives), Edvard Munch (The Munch Case), Bratislava (Fade), and the novel Not Her Nor Him, as well as a study of the English novelist, Ann Quin (Re: Quin). In 2015, Spuyten Duyvil published a collection of his criticism, Living In. He divides his time between Vermont and Bratislava.