The Tattered Lion

Stories of a Man Through the Eyes of a Woman

Juana Culhane


ISBN 978-1-933132-97-6          $14.00       134 pages

Cover painting by Panama Campbell


Juana Culhane gathers together fictions inspired by her late husband, the artist Shamus Culhane. These fourteen stories chronicle their relationship of almost forty years while at the same time striving to ‘lift the veil’ surrounding intra-psychic conflict and aberration of meaning. Even if this can only occur through the wisdom of age (with its face of cracks and hollows) revelations need acceptance and reflection, too.


Together with three other collections, this book dramatizes the inner and outer worlds of a Mayan-Irish-American woman, whose dangerously inquisitive nature lights our imagination by asking, simply,  “Why is this happening?”