The Economist

Christopher Grimes

ISBN 978-1-956005-44-8         150 pages          $18.00


After growing up enthralled by Laura Ingalls Wilder and her love of the pristine prairie around DeSmet, South Dakota, I found another form of austere prairie beauty in the retreat and despair of Christopher Grimes’s (fictional) Freyman, North Dakota. Following Public Works (2005) and The Pornographers (2012), Grimes’ The Economist continues probing the ways economies and public policies intersect with individual lives and personal conflicts. To bring pathos to an emerging “deplorable” takes this novel far beyond social commentary and well into art.

    Cris Mazza, Author of It’s No Puzzle

On Christopher Grimes


A brilliant pastiche, a generous feast of the imagination and language, a wild,

word-drenched ride.

    Rilla Askew on Public Works


Think Marcel Duchamp, with a pen and a stiff lip.

    Miles Clark on Public Works


The single brilliantly funny voice of something

genuinely new.

    Walter Benn Michaels on Pornographies


Christopher Grimes's new novel is so free it tempts

me to be hopeful.

     Curtis White on The Pornographers

Christopher Grimes lives with his wife, daughter and dog in the Chicago area.