The Flame Charts

Paul Oppenheimer

ISBN 1-881471-87-X    $10.00    70 pages

Praise for other books by Paul Oppenheimer


Before a Battle and Other Poems

This poet makes the moments of human experience as important and as immediate as possible.

     Library Journal


The reader is always aware of a mind hovering over the material. He is...a true child of his times. Madness, betrayal, murder are intrinsic in the themes he is celebrating. The bone is never far below the flesh.... Theme and language are closely knit and the author shows a range of interest uncharacteristically wide in a first book.

     The New York Times


This poetry is powerful proof that there is no such animal as peace, at least here.... It is this combination of passion and poetry, by a virtuoso playing the now sound, as disc jockeys put it, that makes this book exciting and this poet original.

     The Village Voice


Beyond the Furies, new poems

These poems are Jacobean in their linguistic and formal virtuosity and in their love of the gorgeous and commonplace—even in their mating of the abstract to the concrete. Paul Oppenheimer has written, ‘Poetry reduces the commonplace to the momentous’; his reductions, so splendidly excessive, make every place and moment they recount strangely, beautifully uncommon.

     Edmund White


Blood Memoir

This novel is permeated with the author’s brilliance...his style is beautifully sharp and precise... As a debut novel Blood Memoir bears the promises of beautiful Oppenheimer novels to come.

     American Book Review


Infinite Desire: A Guide to Modern Guilt

A wide-ranging, sensitively written book...with richly flowing prose.

     Wall Street Journal


Paul Oppenheimer is a novelist, journalist, translator and widely published short story writer as well as the author of two previous volumes of poetry. He teaches at The City College and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.