The Minotaur's Daughter

Rowland Saifi


ISBN 978-1-941550-06-9      $10.00        104 pages

Spuyten Duyvil Novella Series

The commercial world subjugates and trivializes.  What defense can we mount?  How can our lives unfurl in the finest ways?  Rowland Saifi’s The Minotaur’s Daughter is a primer on how to make meaning.  With an elegance that is itself a kind of understanding, Saifi’s prose delineates a sharp path of words that leads out into a concourse of startling beauty.

           Jesse Ball, author of Silence Once Begun


This book of beautiful sentences and powerful mysteries, of hard-hitting subtleties and curious deceptions, this The Minotaur’s Daughter by Rowland Saifi is a gem, the many-faceted, glass-carving, frighteningly, bracingly intricate kind.

           Laird Hunt, author of Neverhome


There’s great pleasure in getting lost inside Rowland Saifi’s labyrinth. How will you find your way out? ‘You a you, but not all at once.’ I think the best thing to do is surrender; let yourself be swept along by his rhythmical, probing prose.

           Danielle Dutton, author of S p r a w l

Rowland Saifi attended Naropa University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His also the author of Karner Blue Estates, a novella (Black Lodge Press, 2009) and his work has appeared in Fact-Simile, Marginalia, Bombay Gin, Livestock Review, Kneejerk Magazine, and HTML Giant. He is the co-founder of Pinball Editions and teaches writing and literature in Chicago.